Revenue from Contracts (Fast Track) - Prof. Dipesh Majithia (English) for Nov 21, May 22, Nov 22


Expire On: 30 Nov 2022

Welcome to the Chapter 11 of Financial Reporting - Revenue from Contracts - Prof. Dipesh Majithia (English). This is applicable for Nov 21 exams and onwards. This Chapter covers Background, Title of standard, Overview, Introduction plus 5 step model, Step 1 identify the contract, Step 2 Identity performance obligation, Step 3 identify transaction price, Step 4 Allocation of transaction price, Step 5 Recognise the revenue, Repurchase Agreement and question 18 and 19, Principle Vs Agent and question 20, Warranty;Buy and hold; combining contract, Sale with right to return; sales based royalty and question 21, Construction contracts, Service concession agreements, Loyalty based points and its Questions.

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