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J. K. Shah Classes Provides The Education That Regular Classes Forgot


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Meet our Leaders

  • Prof. J. K. Shah, CA

    Founder, J. K. Shah Classes

    J. K. Shah Classes prides itself in leading the commerce coaching segment by setting new trends in coaching. We believe every generation has its own set of needs when it comes to studying. With studies and businesses at large increasingly shifting online, J. K. Shah Classes felt the time was right to offer CA students an online coaching platform.

    J. K. Shah Online is a platform dedicatedly developed to enable students from all parts of India to access the best in CA coaching. From hi-quality studio recorded lectures, to live doubt solving sessions to personalised study plans, our online platform has everything a student needs to prepare for the CA exams and excel.

    “Spreadheading the Online CA Coaching Revolution”

    - Prof. J. K. Shah, CA

    Founder, J. K. Shah Classes

  • Vishal Shah, CA

    CEO, J. K. Shah Online

    J. K. Shah Online offers students an online learning platform that is a great time saver and an excellent mode of study. The platform has been developed to ensure students have ready access to what they want to study, whenever they want and wherever they want to study it.

    J. K. Shah Online is the brainchild of CA Vishal Shah, who has a thorough understanding of the needs of CA students, and a keen sense of e-learning technology. Under his guidance and supervision, the platform has been designed to offer students hi-quality audio and video content, along with a rich and enjoyable learning experience.

    “The Next Gen CA Coaching: Online. Flexible. At Home”

    - Vishal Shah, CA

    CEO, J. K. Shah Classes

J. K. Shah Classes has led the Commerce and CA, CS coaching segment for more than 40 years now. It is a name renowned for the country's Best Faculties, Comprehensive Study Material, Proven Teaching Methodology and Excellent Results year after year after year, for years.

J. K. Shah Online is a platform which brings a new knowledge in ecosystem which helps students prepare for various professional and competitive exams like CA, CS, CMA, CFA, F.Y.J.C, S.Y.J.C Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device.

J. K. Shah Online Classes are conducted using a virtual portal through which students can view pre-recorded lectures at their own Pace from Anywhere, Anytime. Online classes have become a part of the new normal and have become an integral part of our lives. Education is a dynamic field that experiences great innovations with every passing day. Digital transformations and the arrival of novel technologies in the Ed-tech sector have acted as a great catalyst collectively because the student outcomes have witnessed tremendous growth. Ed-tech is simplifying things both for the teachers and the students. It has emerged as a highly popular way of imparting education. Similarly, the use of technology is going to enrich the academic development of the students by providing education with the much-needed digital infrastructure.

This type of class got a boost during the pandemic. With the global spread of the disease COVID-19, all the educational institutes had to shut down and were forced to conduct classes via the internet. But to avail the benefits of these classes it is recommended to have a good stable internet connection. It is also important to choose the right online teaching app to conduct your online classes. We have already answered the question of what online classes are, let us take a look at a few of the advantages that it offers. The flexibility and convenience that these classes provide cannot be stressed enough. Geographical barriers are no longer an issue. These classes also help to save time, money, and effort. Education is being democratized because of online classes. More and more people have access to quality education, and they have a chance to study the course that they want without having to worry about distance or accessibility.

Like traditional classes, online classes can have a varied workload depending on the course's difficulty. Online classes also allow the user to take up more than one course at a time. It allows them to maximize their productivity. This way, the user can plan their time that will enable them to balance work and family. Moreover, these classes can be accessed from Anywhere, Anytime by the students. As a result, it enhances the teaching-learning process and makes the class interactive for students. When students are more involved in the learning process, they are more likely to perform better. Also, they grasp the content better which adds more to their existing knowledge base. These classes have emerged as the new face of education and are redefining the meaning of traditional classrooms.

As an Institute with a large face-to-face network of centers across India, we stand committed to give our students the best in coaching to help them perform at their highest potential.

We, at J. K. Shah Classes, would like to Wish All The Best to All the students for their Future.

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