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Here’s Why Aspiring CA’s Must Opt for Online CA Courses

Posted On Apr 19, 2021

Coaching is a pivotal part of CA preparation. However, the pandemic has held the world into its grip, forcing us all to stay in. There is no sign of educational institutions reopening anytime soon. But we cannot add a comma in educating the young minds, can we? Thus, CA coaching classes have started offering video lectures now.

So, are these online video lectures enough for students trying to crack one of the highest regarded exams? Well, pre-recorded online lectures can be one of the best things that happen to CA aspirants. And here's why:

Saves Travelling Time And Cost

The online mode of education allows students to study remotely. With the traditional way of classroom learning, students were compelled to spend a great deal of time and money on travelling. And some people travel from faraway places. Pre-recorded online CA lectures enable you to study at the comfort of your home. Studying for CA demands a lot of time from students, and video lectures give you some extra prep hours. 


Students from any location can have access to coaching via pre-recorded lectures, provided they have a decent internet connection. They can study from any place and at any time. Many students complain that their regular, college lectures clash with CA coaching. Online classes for CA allow them to juggle both college and the CA course effortlessly. One can study early in the morning or late at night. Online classes provide the best flexibility of place and time to the students.

At JK Shah, our video classes for CA are available for students through our online portal. We offer them assistance in preparing an efficient study schedule, and conduct regular tests. The lectures are pre-recorded by our qualified and experienced tutors who provide quality coaching to students. 

Revise the Lectures Multiple times

One of the best things about pre-recorded lectures is that students can watch them multiple times. This helps them to revise better and have access to lectures any time they need. While watching the pre-recorded lectures, students can pause and rewind to understand concepts slowly. This is one of the benefits that only pre-recorded online lectures can give. With live lectures on the other hand, the pace at which the teacher explains can either be too fast or too slow. Another downside of live online lectures is that they can be easily interrupted through poor internet connection.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Pre-recorded lectures incorporate other media such as clips, videos, and images through web links. This provides students with more study material, notes, articles, and other information related to their subjects. With animated clips and videos, learning becomes much easier and practical. It does not bore the students easily and keeps them engaged in learning.

With all the above-mentioned benefits of online classes, students must remember that they need to be self-motivated to carry out their own schedule on time. Determination to learn is something that comes from within. Unless the student is not willing to work hard, the availability of online lectures might not benefit them. 

We, at JK Shah, offer CA online crash courses through pre-recorded lectures. Students can also prepare for CA final and CA intermediate courses with the help of our lectures online. The young CA aspirants also have the option of opting for just a specific group, subject, and chapter. We give our students the option for streaming lectures on any device and learning in the language of their choice for better understanding.

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