Transfer Pricing - Prof. Saurabh Bhat (Eng) for May 21, Nov 21


Expire On: 30 Nov 2021

Welcome to Chapter 13 of International Taxation - Transfer Pricing by Prof. Saurabh Bhat. This is applicable for May/Nov 21 exams. This Chapter Includes - Introduction, Associated Enterpris, International Transaction (Part 1), International Transaction (Part 2, Arms Length Price, CUP Method (Part 1), CUP Method (Part 2), Resale Price Method, Cost Plus Method (part1), Cost Plus Method (part2), Cost Plus Method (part3), Profit Split Method, Transaction Net Margin Method, How to Select Most Appropriate Method, Concept of Range [Part 1], Concept of Range [Part 2], Reference to TPO - 92CA, Dispute Resolution Panel (144C), Safe Harbour Rule, Advance Pricing Agreement (Part 1), Advance Pricing Agreement (Part 2), etc.

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