TDS, TCS (Fast Track) - Prof Yash mandavia (Hindi) for May 21, Nov 21


Expire On: 30 Nov 2021

Welcome to Chapter 13 of TDS, TCS (Fast Track) - Prof Yash mandavia (Hindi) This is applicable for May/Nov 21 exams. This chapter covers Circular, Sec 194J - TDS on PF. TF. ROYALTY DSF, Sec 194A TDS On Any Other Interest, Sec 194C TDS On Contractual Payments, Sec 194I TDS On Rental Payments, Sec 194 D.G.H TDS On Various Commissions, Sec 192 TDS On Salaries, Sec 193 TDS On Interest On Securities, Sec194 TDS On Dividends, 194K Tds On M.F Dividends, Sec 192A TDS On Payments From RPF, Sec 194B - BB TDS on casual nature payment, Sec 194E - TDS on NR Sportsperson, Sec 194DA - TDS on insurance claims, Sec 194IA - TDS on Purchase of IMP, Sec 194LA - TDS on CA compensation,Sec 194IB - TDS on personal rents, Sec 194M - TDS on MEGA Personal payments, Sec 194N - TDS on Cash withdrawals, Sec 194O - Amendment, Question 2 & 3, Question 4, TCS, Procedural View.

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