Companies Act 2013 (Fast Track) - Prof. Manasi Patil (Hindi) for May 21, Nov 21


Expire On: 30 Nov 2021

Welcome To Chapter 1 Companies Act 2013 (Fast Track) - Prof. Manasi Patil (Hindi) for May 21, Nov 21 This Is Applicable for May 21, Nov 21 exams. This chapter covers Introduction, Classification of Companies based on liability, Private and Public Company, OPC and Small Company, OPC and Small Company, Holding, Subsidiary and Associate Company, Other Companies, Non-Profit Company, Conversion of Companies, Questions-Answers of Unit 1, Promoter, Incorporation of Companies, Effect of giving false information for Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Name Clause, Situation Clause, Object Clause, Liability Clause and other Clauses, Capital Clause, Section 13, Articles of Association, Doctrines, Section 20 to 22, Questions-Answers of Unit 2, Introduction to Prospectus, Contents of Prospectus, Shelf , Prospectus, Red Herring Prospectus, Deemed Prospectus, Remedies for Misrepresentation in Prospectus, Allotment of Securities, Underwriting Commission, Private Placement, Questions-Answers of Unit 3, Introduction to Share capital,Preference Share, Equity Shares with Differential Voting Rights, Section 47 and 48, Section 47 and 48, Calls on Shares, Issue of Shares at Premium and at discount, Sweat Equity Shares, Further issue of Share Capital and Rights Issue, Bonus Shares, Restriction on Company- Section 67, Buy-Back of Shares, Transfer of Shares, Transmission of Shares, Rectification of Register of Members, Membership in a Company, Debentures, Questions-Answers of Unit 4, Introduction to Deposits, Definition of Deposits, Kinds of Deposits, Rules of Acceptance of Deposits, Section 74 and 76A, Questions-Answers of Unit 5, Unit 6- Introduction, Section 77 and 80, Section 78, Modification and Satisfaction of Charge, Section 83 to 87, Questions-Answers of Unit 6, Introduction to Unit 7 and Section 88, Section 89 to 91, Section 92- Annual Returns, Section 94 and 95, AGM, EGM, Notice, Quorum, Chairman, Proxies, Voting- Basic, Voting through Electronic Means, Demand for Poll, Postal Ballot, Section 111 to 113, Resolutions, Minutes of Meetings, Section 120 and 122, Questions-Answers of Unit 7, Introduction to Dividend, Section 123, Unpaid Dividend, IEPF and Section 126, Section 127, Questions-Answers of Unit 8, Section 128, Section 129, Section 132 and 133, Section 130 and 131, Section 134, Section 135 CSR, Section 136 to 138, Questions-Answers of Unit 9, Unit 10, MCQs of all Units.

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